Jan Gershoj - ownerGershoj Energia Kft. is a Hungarian-based company with Danish management, established in 2008. We are designing and installing solar systems as well as distributing solar modules on the Hungarian market. Our aim is simple:
Supply green energy solutions that contribute to reversing climate change to both private customers and retailers.
Globally, individuals and organisations are becoming more aware of the need to reduce their carbon footprint. There is never a better time to focus on green energy solutions than right now.
We want to support the growth of usage of green energy and to be able to contribute to improving our customers' environmentally sound lifestyles. 
Using our products, we believe our customer is taking an important step in the interest of saving the environment. And save money!

The possibility of producing modern, renewable energy is already available in Hungary. We test and try our products. We sell them because we believe in them and many of them we use at home ourselves. We think we can sell them and earn a profit and at the same time be the best within a tough competition in the market. We not only give competitive price to our customers but by having a full scope of installation insurance we guarantee the quality of the work done by us.
Our core target group on one hand is people interested in the immediate advantages of solar energy: cost effective, environmentally friendly products. On the other hand we target companies that consider the contribution to social sustainablity as something that increases the value of their own business. 
Why to choose us?
  • Danish management, Hungarian teamwork
  • Project based thinking
  • We have liability insurance for the full scope of our activity
  • In case of subsidy opportunities we involve our application writer partner company
Please feel free to contact us on phone, e-mail or our live support.

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Gershoj Energia Kft.
Ady Endre u.13.
2890 Tata, Hungary
TAX ID: 14680825-2-11