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Brutto price: 39 580.- HUF

Brutto price: 31 665.- HUF

Uniquely developed mobile Solar Fan automatically adjusting with the intensity of the sun. Multifunctional standing fan operated either by solar panel, battery or adapter. Place panel and fan together outside next to your garden furnitures - or place the fan inside and mount the panel outside with the 5 m cable.
The DC driven fan has three different speed levels, timer and an oscillating function.
The set includes:
- 30 W Mono-crystalline Photovoltaic Solar panel.
- Quality bracket to mount the panel anywhere. Vertical adjustment to the sun.
- Connection cables for a 12 V battery.
- And a bag to make the transportation and storage easy.
 PLD-H Solar Fan  
 Dimension  22"
 Weight  6,8 kg
 Performance  24 W
 Operating Voltage  DC 12 V
 Adjustable Height  Min. 1140 mm, Max. 1330 mm
 Performance Connection  Diam. 5 mm x 2,5 mm metal connector
 Guarantee  1 year
 ZDNY-30C Solar Panel  
 Dimension  450 x 550 x 25 mm
 Weight  3,0 kg
 Peak Performance  30 W
 Open Circuit Voltage  11,0 V
 Open Circuit Current  3,69 A
 Max. Power Voltage / Current  8,5 V / 3,53 A
 Output Tolerance  +/- 3%
 Cell Type / Number    125 * 125 Monocrystalline silicone / 12 pcs
 Maximum System Voltage  DC 600 V
 Operating Temperature  Between -40 and +85 Celsius
 Windresistance / Pressure Bearing  2400 N/m2  /  5400 N/m2
 Manufacturer's guarantee / Performance Guarantee  10 years  / 80% for 25 years
 Connection Cable for Fan  5 meters



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