Using innovative technology, Gershoj Energia Kft., as a market leader in solar power system installation in Hungary, introduces Mobile Solar Location Analysis. “As a company that installs solar power systems, we are continuously researching and using the best materials available on the market. We also ensure that these materials are incorporated in the systems and provide optimal performance. In implementing our projects, we apply the LEAN principles. In order to optimise the positioning of solar panels, we developed a ’crawler’, which was easier to describe over a year ago than it was to turn into reality later”, said Jan Gershoj, the Danish founder of Gershoj Energia Kft.

“It is a remote-controlled vehicle with Wi-Fi connection and a high-resolution camera, which can be easily placed on any roof with a pitch of up to 45 degrees, and can make accurate measurements.”

“As a Danish-owned company, we place a high value on quality. We know that it is vital to provide our clients with long-term solutions that ensure a return on their investments in their best interests. The innovative mobile solar location analyser – or ’crawler’ as we commonly refer to it – is one more step in our continuously developing project and quality management. The tools ensures a high level of accuracy during our measurements. The special features of the vehicle include all-axle steering, special anti-slip tyres, and a custom-designed gimbal to stabilize the measuring points”, continued Jan Gershoj. “A significant increase in efficiency in measurements at the planned location points for solar panels has already been demonstrated, merely by moving the position of the solar panels by just a couple of inches – thus winning us clients.”

“As an installation company, we see added value in configuring the solar panel system exactly according to our clients’ needs. We regard it as being of the utmost importance to remain the best in the field of solar panel system installation, and in terms of the solutions we offer. The tool can be quickly deployed, and, last but not least, it saves our colleagues from having to climb up to the roof during surveys, thus improving their safety. The mobile solar location analyser thus gives us a significant competitive advantage.”


For further information, please contact Erika Szentpeteri, Gershoj Energia Kft.

Gershoj Energia is showing the crawler in action in this short video here: