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Why do I need a solar panel system?

Solar panels produce electricity from solar radiation. The system transforms the direct current thus obtained into alternating current through the use of an inverter, which can be used directly for operating any standard electrical equipment. It generates renewable and clean energy and is an eco-friendly device, unlike solutions that use coal and other fossil fuels.

The Sun in clean, affordable and inexhaustible

Energy consumption is growing rapidly and, at the same time, the stock of fossil and nuclear energy reserves, such as gas, oil, coal and uranium, is declining which, sooner or later, will cause a dramatic increase in energy prices. It is high time the mankind used the Sun as an energy source

Family solar panel system

The system connected to the grid is a state-of-the-art solution which can cover the entire annual power consumption, as the weather-dependant electricity production is balanced by the electricity grid. The electricity generated by the solar panels is transformed by an inverter into electricity used in traditional households.

Package: fully ready-to-install, including design and licensing

We create opportunities for families to have a solar panel system easily and as quickly as possible. The offer covers everything from design and licensing through implementation to subsequent follow-up inspection.

Multiannual supervision

If required, Gershoj Energia monitors the production data of the system online with its specialists (if the system is connected to the Internet), and checks whether the micro power plant is running properly. Periodically, we inspect the optimum operation of the system on-site.

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